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Finnish mini loader manufacturer Norcar grabs top spot in Norwegian consumer study

Nykarleby, 04.07.2017

Finnish mini loader manufacturer Norcar grabs top spot in Norwegian consumer study

Finnish mini loader manufacturer Norcar came out on top in technical magazine Norsk Landbruk’s extensive consumer survey conducted in the spring of 2017. The purpose of the survey was to map user experiences of mini loaders. Norcar’s mini loaders gathered the highest points.

“We are very enthusiastic that our users are so happy with their mini loaders. According to farmers that Norsk Landbruk interviewed, our mini loaders are the last machines that they would be willing to give up. A win like this holds great significance to us – we have made considerable investments in product development, and these results confirm that we are making the right choices for our users,” says Jan Hägg, director of marketing & sales at Norcar.

Norsk Landbruk conducted an online survey during the spring of 2017. The respondents were users of eleven different brands of mini loaders. The six most common brands were examined more closely. Among other factors, respondents were asked to rate the lifting capability, reliability, handling, user-friendliness, and spare part availability of their respective mini loader.

Norcar received exceptionally high scores in reliability, handling, and user-friendliness. In the end, Norcar emerged as the clear winner of the test.

“During the celebration of Finlands 100th anniversary, we are very proud to say that Norcar’s mini loaders are entirely manufactured in Finland,” says Hägg.

Oy Norcar Ab is a Finnish-owned company founded in 2016 by the Lindén family, with production facilities and main office in Uusikaarlepyy, Finland. The company manufactures mini loaders. Export accounts for 85% of the business. Norcar products are entirely manufactured in Finland.   

Read more about the test in Norsk Landbruk (05/2017) “Kjempekarakterer til Norcar” (magazine article in Norwegian).

Additional information: sales and marketing director Jan Hägg, tel. +358 (0)40 668 6030,