New Machinery Saves Time and Money


“Norcar, manufactured in Uusikaarlepyy, is Lantmännen Agro’s only miniloader make,” says Tuomas Reinikainen (right). Taneli Kiviniemi became familiar with the miniloader at the Lantmännen Agro demo days.

Right before Christmas, five Norcar miniloaders were transferred to the Salaojakympit Oy company. They looked forward to the machinery at the work site. “We have now gone completely over to our own equipment. This has proven to be the most beneficial model,” says Taneli Kivimäki.

The company, which specialises in the repair of drainage and storm water systems, was founded in 2006. With its base in the municipality of Reisjärvi, the company expanded first into the immediate areas, and currently it serves customers across the country, with 80 employees and 8 operating locations. The company’s turnover has grown steadily.
“Last year, we reached the six million mark, and next year we are expecting a substantial increase,” says TANELI KIVINIEMI, one of the company’s founders. The company’s need for machinery is great.
“We abide by a principle that our machinery fleet shall be new. That allows our men to do serious work at all times, and we avoid repair costs. A company with less capital cannot afford to allow the machinery to sit idle; rather, it all needs to be put fully to work. In terms of hours, this amounts to about a thousand hours per year per machine,” explains Kiviniemi.

The result of a careful comparison

Prior to the purchase, he negotiated long and hard with TUOMAS REINIKAINEN at Lantmannen Agro.
“We had three machines under evaluation and we took the best one,” says Kiviniemi.
Each machine was put to a test run of one week in a variety of working fields, and the winner soon became apparent.
“Norcar was the most comfortable to use; it is handy and it immediately felt like it was our own. The fitters liked it more, which is most important to us. The loaders are configured in Finland for local conditions. Norcar has the best terrain characteristics. Especially on wet and soft ground, it is good that all the wheels are constantly on the ground. The chassis is hinged in the middle, which is safe. The pulling characteristics are better, and we can drive on such things as lawns without damaging them,” says Taneli Kiviniemi. The buyers have also taken a liking to the large equipment level of the Norcar loaders manufactured in Uusikaarlepyy.

Taneli Kiviniemen isä oli peltosalaojitusurakoitsija, mistä Taneli sai kipinän kiinteistöpuolen salaojayrittäjyyteen. Sitä voidaan tehdä ympärivuotisesti. Uusia pienkuormaajia jo odotettiinkin työmailla.

Norcar was the most comfortable to use; it is handy and it immediately felt like it was our own.

Salaojakympit needs machinery with wide tyres, a long and wide scoop, lift forks, earth drill and extra beam lights.
“A telescoping boom is an absolute necessity. At the work site, excess earth is lifted up onto a flat-bed lorry, and the boom needs to be able to reach. Norcar loaders are easy to service, since you can open the service hatch without needing to turn a screwdriver. However, we have not yet had any need to repair the machinery,” smiles Kiviniemi.
Salaojakympit put the first a6226 loaders into use back in spring; now they bought four more of the same model, plus one loader of the a7236 model.  Kiviniemi expects to replace them with new machinery in four-five years.
“Tuomas takes the machinery in exchange, and it is always possible to replace,” adds Kiviniemi.
There is a solid core of customers for used Norcar loaders as well, each having many years of operating experience.
“Norcar is Lantmännen Argo’s only compact loader make, and is simultaneously the key to our sales outside of agriculture. Among other things, we have arranged demonstration days during which we displayed in a variety of models. It pays to direct the marketing toward a larger field,” opines Tuomas Reinikainen.
Agriculture faces a major transformation as the areas of the farms continues to grow. Many farmers are shutting down or expanding their operations and beginning with contract work.
“It’s great to reach out to customers outside of traditional agriculture, for example, companies within green construction or the property management industry,” adds the sales manager at Norcar.

All objects year-round

Salaojakympit focuses on drainage around houses and thus works to solve problems with indoor air quality. Over the years, the company has done drainage for approximately 1,500 objects. In addition to detached houses, work has been done on townhouses and apartment blocks, halls, schools and barns. The company works year-round. Kiviniemi tells us that many property owner only come to the realisation once the need for drainage is already great. Not everything is OK if the house owner only believes there are probably “a few pipes” under the house. If the drainage system lacks inspection wells and moisture-insulating base mats, the house cannot breathe and then problems with humidity and bad indoor air quickly arise.
“The greatest problems can be seen in houses from the 70s to the 90s that have blind plinths, and where the house’s wooden structure often begins below ground level and is cast into the floor plate. The wall sucks up moisture and it cannot be seen with the naked eye. A sign of moisture is that it smells stuffy and the stone base flakes and cracks,” says Kiviniemi.
The company invests in equipment that makes work more efficient in all ways.
“The fitters have nail guns and tools for all needs, the edge boarding is ready-cut, we have out own sealing strips for the upper edge of the base mat and allows the work to be completed quickly. Moreover, next year, we will order supplies for drainage repairs from Lantmännen Agro, i.e., from the Reinikainen brothers. It is always pleasant to be able to shop from people from Reisjärvi, with fellows from our own town. The competition was tough, but supply reliability, the competitive prices and the pleasant cooperative partners are what made the decision for us,” smiles Kiviniemi.
Moreover, in our own company, the most important thing at Kiviniemi is that spirits are good.
“We are now the largest player on the market, and we have a good and diligent working culture in the house. All of our employees are pleasant people; most of them are from the countryside. At home and in the local area, they have learned to work hard and they know what work is.  Thanks to that, we will succeed now and will succeed in the future. We look humbly and thankfully toward the future,” says Taneli Kiviniemi.

Text and photo: Anne Yrjänä