The New 755 xc

The New 755xc

Norcar AB is set to launch a new version of its already popular 755 model this autumn. Norcar 755xc, the smallest loader in Norcar's series, has undergone a major update, making it more agile and compact than the previous version.

The biggest change is the loader's overall height, with the new model measuring just 198 centimetres tall. Its low height and tight turning circle make the Norcar 755xc a highly agile and effective work machine. They also make it the perfect loader for indoor work, such as on farms and in the construction and demolition industries, where ceiling heights and thoroughfares are often low.

The new 755xc model has also been given a smoother drive system with better handling, thanks to updated technology and hydraulics. Norcar customers' own requests and suggestions for improvements helped shape the new 755xc and demand for the popular new loader is expected to be high.

Technical data and more information about the 755xc can be found here.