Tire GR

Densely patterned tire. Soft tire that is gentle to surfaces and grips well. Suitable for work on soft ground like grass, gravel paths and roads. The tire is also good on snow and ice.

Dimensions R-wheel L-wheel Model
23x8,5-12 GR 719036   755,760
23x10,5-12 GR 6001640   a60 series*,760,755
23x10,5-12 GR 6001564   a60 series*
23x12,5-12 GR 6001566   a60 series*,760
26,5x14-12 GR 719048   765
320/55-15 GR 6002090   a70 series**
*a6020, a6026, a6226 **a72, a7236, a75, a7545

Tire TR

Tractor patterned tire. Provides good traction and is suitable for softer surfaces such as soil, sand, and gravel. Tread pattern is designed to keep the tire clean while driving on wet surfaces.

Dimensions R-wheel L-wheel Model
23x8,5-12 TR 6001559 6001561 a60 series*
23x10,5-12 TR 6001562 6001563 a60 series*,760,755
320/55-15 TR 6002088 6002089 a70 series**
*a6020, a6026, a6226 **a72, a7236, a75, a7545

Tire IN

Durable multi-purpose tire that can withstand heavy loads. Suitable for work on harder surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, and hard packed gravel.

Dimensions R-wheel L-wheel Model
5,70-12 IN 719002   744,755
23x8,5-12 IN 600511 6000510 744,755,760
23x8,5-12 IN 6001637 6001638 a60 series*,760
23x8,5-12 IN 60000373 6000509 a60 series*
27x10,5-15 IN 6000512 6000513 765
320/60-12 IN 6002086 6002087 a70 series**,765
27x8,5-15 IN 6002533 6002522 a70 series**
400/45-15,5 IN 6002619 6002616 a70 series**
*a6020, a6026, a6226 **a72, a7236, a75, a7545


Filter kit

Complete set of original filters for interval service.


8000049 740D Lombardini
8000050 740D Kubota
8000051 744D
8000052 755D -> 12/2011
8000215 755D / 755XC 01/2012->
8000054 760D / 765D / a60 / a62
8000438 a6020 -> 02/2016
8000472 a6020 03/2016 ->
8000325 a72 / a75 / a6026 / a6226 / a7236 / a7545 / a7545 4T


Touch-up Paint
Spray paint 400 ml
Red RAL 3001 art.50344
Gray RAL 7021 art.50338

Brush paint 12ml
Red RAL 3001 art. 6002232
Gray RAL 7021 art. 6002233
Pedal Extension
Improves direction pedal ergonomics. Easy grip profile gives good slip resistance.
Fits a-series.
Counter Weight 45 kg
Increases the machine's stability during handling of heavy loads. Easily installed without tools on Mounting Plate 8000292. Max 4x (180kg).
Counter Weight 205 kg
Compact counter weight, attached and secured with bolts.Lifting lugs for easy mounting.
The weights cannot be used together with other rear mounted equipment.
Hitch with standard 50 mm ball.
Mounting Plate 8000292 needed for installation.
Hitch Combo
Hitch with standard 50 mm ball combined with pin for trailer towing eye. Mounting Plate 8000292 needed for installation.
Mounting Plate for Counter Weight and Hitch Bracket
Mounting plate for attaching hitch, along with space for 4 x 45 kg extra weights.